Panic Attacks are when you are not in touch with what you are truly feeling and do not know how to take care of yourself at that moment. I offer fool proof techniques that will take fear out of panic attacks and completely cure them within three months and without medicine. The skill set I teach is something you can carry throughout your life. I teach each individual in a one-on-one setting. All sessions are private and confidential.


  • Learn what are panic attacks actually are:
    • Combining Emotions and Intellectual thinking.
    • Learn triggers and learn how to completely re-think and re-feel situations in a positive way.
  • What you can do differently when you have a panic attack.
  • Learn tools to understand and not fear panic attacks.
  • Learn step by step skills to free self of panic attacks.
  • Practice skills and become pro-active.
  • Practice techniques in simulated or actual stressful situations to gain complete confidence in new found skills.
  • Learn that by using the simple techniques taught client learns they are completely panic attack free.
  • How to handle stressful situations in new ways that do not seem stressful.
  • How to feel completely free to live life without fear of panic attacks.
  • How to handle any situation with genuine ease.
  • How to be the live and move past panic attacks and anxiety.


  • Course is regularly 3 months. (Sometimes clients have taken up to 6 months in extreme cases.)
  • Payment is requested and required prior to the session.
  • Available for on going questions throughout the process.
  • Work with clients’ schedule.


  • Each above point is mastered by the client.
  • Client is panic attack free for life by following simple techniques.
  • Confidence and know how for living panic attack free life.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on contact details shown below.

57 EAST 95TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10128     EMAIL: WEBBAB@ME.COM     PHONE: 917-822-1227