Interviewing is a skill: I offer fool proof techniques that will take the mystery and fear out of interviewing. The skill set I teach is something children and parents can carry throughout their lives.


  • How to answer hard questions smoothly:
    • Tell me about yourself?
    • What is your child’s weakness? (Answer without giving a cliche response)
    • Having not seen our school what makes you feel this is the school for your child?
    • Who wrote the essays?
    • What is a typical summer in your family?
    • What is a typical weekend?
    • What is your parenting style?
    • What is a typical week day?
    • What makes your child happy?
    • What makes your child nervous?
    • Has your child had any traumatic experiences in their lives?
    • What character in a book would you say most describes your child and why?
    • What is your child’s best asset?
    • What is your child’s biggest weaknesses?
    • What is special about your child?
  • How to stand out and ask smart questions.
  • How to ready your children for interviews.
    • What to do if your child has a temper tantrum.
    • How to turn a bad interview to your advantage.
    • What to do if your child does not interview well that day. (It happens)
    • How to prepare your child and yourself.
  • How to take a tour and be remembered and wanted by the admissions team.
    • Teach children to relax and enjoy the process and interview techniques even at their age.
    • The do’s and dont’s at schools.
  • How to have a phone interview.
  • How to have a group interview and standout in a positive way.
  • Body language:
    • How to carry yourself during an interview and how to interact as a cohesive family: Greeting, Standing, Sitting, Body Language and Walking during interview process.
    • The dynamic between you and your partner and you and your child.
    • How to read the body language of your interviewer and use this knowledge to your advantage.
    • How to make a positive memorable impression during tours and open houses.
    • What to wear and what not to wear.
  • What to say, and what not to say, in follow up letters.
  • Social media:
    • What to show and what not to show.
    • What schools want to see.
  • Describing your child in an authentic way that makes them shine.
    • ERB’s if your child not that great?
    • What to say and not say.


  • Session: 4 hours total, divided into parts.
  • Payment is requested and required prior to the session.
  • If an additional hour is added payment is requested before the next meeting.
  • Available for on going questions throughout the process.
  • All sessions are private and confidential.


  • Each above point is mastered by the client.
  • Confidence and know how for life long interviewing skills.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on contact details shown below.

57 EAST 95TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10128     EMAIL: WEBBAB@ME.COM     PHONE: 917-822-1227