Webb Egerton - Life Coach

Freedom From Past Sexual AbuseFreedom From Past Sexual Abuse

What Will Be Covered

  • A clear and defined path to feeling great.
  • Clear blocks and negative beliefs held about self about prior abuse.
  • New goals and dreams are set in all aspects of life and relationships.
  • Learn new strategies that will continue to allow freedom.
  • Every area of life is covered.
  • Goals and dreams are set: short and long range.
  • Blocks are uncovered and let go.
  • Step by step learning how to manifest each dream and goal. All goals; big and small, material, and immaterial are outlined.
  • Work with client regularly and oversee client reaching goals in a fun happy way.
  • Available to client throughout entire process and as needed.
  • Clients learn almost immediately how to implement what they are learning.
  • By the third month clients are naturally integrating and aligning with goals.
  • The fourth through sixth months, clients continue to focus on dreams and material is integrated. Client stays in positive life direction.

Course Details

  • Client learns how to manifest dreams and goals.
  • Client learns clearly how to utilize all course tools to their highest benefit.
  • Client is no longer blocked or emotionally stuck in past abuse.
  • Payment is requested and required prior to the start of the first session.
  • Course is six months. (In some cases a longer course is required to be completely healed. If the course needs to be longer than sixth months this will be determined and discussed at our first meeting.)


  • Course is learned by the client. Client has many dreams manifested and sees how to achieve dreams and goals.
  • On going coaching and guidance throughout the process.
  • Confidence and know how for life and success in achieving dreams and goals, feeling fantastic, and free of negative thoughts of abuse.
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