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Etiquette, Manners & Social QueuesEtiquette, Manners & Social Queues

What Will Be Covered

  • Client learns manners and what manners and etiquette mean and how to have natural manners.
  • Client learns social queues: various and different senarios and outcomes.
  • Client learns how they want to feel and behave in social both business and personal relationships.
  • Client learns more about themselves.
  • Client learns a general understanding of table, restaurant, dining, office, social, and personal good manners that are natural and easy.
  • Body language: Sitting, standing, talking, walking, jogging. Client looks at their own way of communication and is shown how to change what is no longer useful.
  • How to read body language of yourself and others and have understanding of yourself and others.

Course Details

  • Course #1 is a four hour session
  • Course #2 is custom designed for companies and/or individual clients.
  • Course for executive or personal sessions. Booked in two to three hours sessions and an individual course is designed for each client depending on what areas are most wanted and required.
  • Payment is requested and required prior to, and in full, before the start of the first session once a course established.


  • Course is learned by the client. Client is comfortable and at ease knowing social manners, proper etiquette, and social queues.
  • Available for on going questions throughout the process.
  • Confidence and ease of manners and etiquette in social and business environments.
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