Webb Egerton - Life Coach

Bullying - Be The Change You Want To SeeCorporate, School & Personal Bullying

What Will Be Covered

  • What is causing client to be bullied.
  • What client can change and empower themself.
  • What the bully feels and thinks.
  • How client is stronger than they think.
  • What signals is the client giving without knowing it.
  • Client learns to be the person they want to be.
  • Client learns not to give power to a bully or anyone else.
  • Client learns how to avocate for themself and empower themself.
  • Client has clear and defined path to a better way of feeling about themself.
  • Client learns tools of alignment with what they want, not what they don't want.
  • Blocks are uncovered and let go. Empowered thinking emerges.
  • Step by step learning how to manifest positive beliefs.
  • Client learns leadership skills.
  • Work with client closely throughout process and over see client reaching goals in a fun happy way.
  • Fear and anxiety are replaced with confidence and strength of character. Knowledge.
  • Available to client throughout entire process and as needed.
  • Available to speak to Bully, School and Parents' of bully as needed.

Course Details

  • Client learns how powerful they are.
  • Each course treatment is designed specifically and on an individual basis.
  • Payment is requested and required prior to the start of the first session.


  • Client learns clearly how to utilize all course tools to their highest benefit.
  • Each above point is mastered by the client.
  • Confidence and know how for how to navigate life and feel fantastic.
  • Client feels peace of mind and ease of being. 
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