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Aspergers Disorder & Autistic Disorder Socialization CoachingAspergers Disorder & Autistic Disorder Socialization Coaching

What Will Be Covered

  • Client is clear about social awareness, and their role in social interactions and relationships. Long and short term goals are established.
  • Blocks are uncovered and let go.
  • Socialization steps are implemented and practiced to understand and process communication with a natural ease and confidence. Client sees the fun of life in social situations.
  • Client learns to take charge of their social interactions with clear know how and confidence.
  • Social intuitiveness and know how to is introduced. Steps are practiced.
  • Client learns to live life on their terms, with joy and freedom.
  • An individual course of coaching designed for each clients' unique talents, interests, and level of socialization.
  • Sessions are done in accordance with the individuals' schedule and timetable.
  • Available to clients throughout the process.
  • Client learns to set their intention daily, and learn to be the person they wish to be.

Course Details: 3-12 Months

  • The first month is learning specific skills to be the person the client wishes to be. Client becomes clear on who and how they wish to be and how to be an effective communicator.
  • The second month clients learn to implement skills with proven techniques, raising the bar on what they are learning, and teaching how to handle stressful social and inter-personal relationships with a new since of confidence.
  • The third to twelfth month clients integrate all learned and align with goals. Client sees huge "before and after" emotional, physical, spiritual, and social progress. During first meeting and assessment: course length is discussed.
  • Payment is requested and required prior to the start of the first session: 3 month, 6 month or 12 month course option.


  • Course is learned by the client at their client level. Client is on the way to achieving dreams and goals.
  • Available for on going questions throughout the process.
  • Confidence and know how for life and success in social and inter-personal relationships.
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